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Calsonic Kansei RUS 

Calsonic Kansei is a global comprehensive automotive parts manufacturer bringing a fresh breeze of new value to the world. 
We satisfy the optimum global procurement needs of automobile manufacturers with quality and performance. Calsonic Kansei has a global network with its center in Japan and with emphasis on North America, Europe, China and Asia. Our organization with over 50 manufacturing centers across these continents, are organized under umbrella companies in North America, Europe and China with development bases stationed in the United States, the U.K., France, China and Japan. This worldwide footage facilitates the optimal supply of uniform quality world-over. Our employees which count over 18,000 worldwide transcend nationality and work in unity with the single purpose of providing attractive products.

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Main products: Cockpit Module, Front-End Module, Exhaust Systems, Air Conditioning Unit, Compressor, Instrument Panel, Instrument Cluster, Electronic Components, Radiator, Condenser, Muffler, Converter, and others

Major Clients: AUDI AG, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd., General Motors Corporation, Honda Motor Co.,Ltd., Isuzu Motors Limited, Land Rover, Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd., Opel, Peugeot S.A., Renault S.A., Saab Automobile AB, Suzuki Motor Corporation,
 UD Trucks Corporation, Volkswagen AG


Calsonic Kansei  - ведущий мировой производитель автомобильных комплектующих. В  2012 г. в Санкт-Петербурге компания подготовила и запустила производство, расположенное на территории завода Nissan Motor Manufacturing. Производственный процесс включает участки сборки, сварки и штамповки деталей автомобиля. Планируемая численность сотрудников в Санкт-Петербурге - до 200 человек.


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