WSN Corp 


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WSN Corp 

Founded in 1998, WSN is a logistics technology company offering an enterprise class web-based solution for wine and spirits producers, wholesalers, retailers, etailers, and any company that ships products to its customers. WSN simplifies the process of shipping, managing and routing orders, and enables easy, administrable customization.

Because of the various complexities surrounding the distribution and sale of alcoholic products, these products-and wine in particular-became a core initial focus for WSN. To help navigate these complexities, WSN developed the FORT technology system (Fulfillment, Order Routing & Tracking) to enable efficient, compliant fulfillment and distribution. WSN's suite of applications is specifically designed to address the challenges of distributed commerce, and can aggregate, manage, monitor and analyze orders and inventory distributed across multiple business units around the world.

WSN has also created, an international network of wine retailers and specialty goods suppliers. In addition, WSN is a core member of the WorldShipNet alliance, which offers three-tier compliant, direct-to-consumer delivery services in several states which forbid interstate shipments of alcohol to consumers.

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